Who is Xack?

Hi. My name is Xack Fischer. I helped create Rainworks, I am a magician, and I do other fun and interesting things. Thanks for looking up my website.

Rainworks are invisible pieces of street art that only appear in the rain. The idea was conceptualized by my friend and creative partner, Peregrine Church, and we have been making rain-activated street art together since May 2014.

To learn more about Rainworks, please visit Rain.Works



I have always loved magic tricks. I have been practicing close-up magic since 2008, and performing professionally since 2012.

My past clients have included Microsoft, Amazon, Nintendo, Google, and many more. I've also had the pleasure of performing close-up magic for a handful of celebrities including Jane Lynch, Ken Howard, Marc Maron, Dan Harmon, and others.

If you would like to book me for a magic show, please email me at xackfischer@gmail.com


The Most Elaborate Marriage Proposal Ever

This was an amazing project that Peregrine and I took on in the fall of 2014. We were contacted by a stranger named Robbie, who wanted help proposing to his girlfriend in a surprising and magical way.

We pulled together all of our resources, and arranged this elaborate marriage proposal involving a fake radio program, a magic show, a quartet, hidden cameras, Rainworks, and an undercover Uber driver. Check out the video to get the full story.


Say Hello!

If you would like to contact me, please reach out through any of the following:
Email: xackfischer@gmail.com
Phone: 206-457-3456