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Alexander Codd: Street Artist & Painter

Alexander Codd: Street Artist & Painter

If you've noticed a mysterious, Greek-looking face posted around the streets of Seattle, it's probably the work of Alexander Codd (aka ACODD), an artist who's dedicated to keeping the streets beautiful and interesting.

This is exactly how I ended up making a video about Alex: I'd seen his signature "apollo face" branded all over the city and became increasingly curious about who was behind it all. It took several years before a friend came across Alex's Instagram account and shared it with me, saying "I think we found him!"

I had just begun working on this video series when we made this discovery, so the natural next step was to reach out the Alex for an interview.

Since this interview was recorded, another year has passed, and Alex's art has continued to spread around Seattle's neighborhoods in both formal and informal galleries. Keep your eyes out for his work if you're located near the Seattle area.


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