Interesting People: A Web-Series by Xack Fischer

Bobcat Goldthwait - Film & Television Director

Bobcat Goldthwait: Film & Television Director

This video shares my experience speaking to legendary director and comedian Bobcat Goldthwait. There are several reasons that this video is different from the others in the series:

First and most obviously, the interviewee is somebody who is famous. Secondly, this was not a one-on-one interview. I was seated at a table with 8 other professional journalists from major publications. Because of this, I had to act quickly just to get in a question.

I've been following Bobcat's career for year and I admire him as a film-maker, so it was super cool to get the chance to talk with him. Normally in these videos, I like to focus on the person's background or hear how they came into their passion, but you can already find videos of Bobcat talking about that, so instead I took the opportunity to connect with him over our mutual interest in mythical creatures.

This is the only video in the series (so far) where I've left in my voice asking the questions... and you can hear how excited I am to talk to him.

Usually when I do one of these Interesting People videos, I spend 30 minutes to an hour interviewing the video subject, and I edit that conversation down to a short video. In this video, however, I've left in just about every moment of the interaction -- since it was so brief.

The last big difference about this video was that I was allowed to speak to Bobcat under that agreement that I help promote his new show (which is genuinely brilliant). Because of this, when it came to editing the video, I got the opportunity to work with a different type of B-Roll -- instead of using footage I'd shot myself, I got to use clips from Bobcat's portfolio, including clips from his new show Misfits & Monsters and footage from his film Willow Creek.

Most notably, Bobcat shares an anecdote about his friendship with Robin Williams, and I was able to track down the exact footage he was talking about.

I hope you enjoy this video.


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