Interesting People: A Web-Series by Xack Fischer

Gustavo Catalano: Pillow Fight Organizer

Gustavo Catalano: Pillow Fight Organizer

This video features Gustavo Catalano, organizer of Seattle's yearly giant pillow fight, and other community events.

I'd been attending Seattle's giant pillow fight for several years before I decided to make this video. It's a super positive public event that enybody can participate in for some wholesome fun. Once I decided to create a webseries about interesting people, I thought "the guy who organizes those pillow fights would be a great fit!"

Gustavo was the first person who I reached out to for an interview with this video series in mind. Since I'd been attending the event for years, I already had several years of footage backpiled that I could use as b-roll.

Since this video was made, another year has passed, and another giant pillow fight has taken place. They will be continuing on with the tradition next year!


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