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Niko Mahoé: Magician on a Motorcycle

Niko Mahoé: Magician on a Motorcycle

This video is about my friend Niko Mahoé, aka Magician on a Motorcycle, a traveling street performer.

I've known Niko for several years, and always enjoy hearing his stories from the road when he passes through. For several sunmers, Niko performed his act at Seattle Center while I filmed, observed, and asked him about the street performer life.

This was the very first interview I recorded for this series, although I didn't know it would be for this series when I recorded it -- I was just asking him questions on camera. This interview was filmed in May 2016, and it wasn't until about a year later when I got the idea for this series that I dug up the interview and edited it into this video.

Since we recorded this interview, Niko has continued to travel the world and perform his act. He recently launched a Patreon page where you can support his adventures and get the latest updates about his travels.


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