Interesting People: A Web-Series by Xack Fischer

Vincent Bantasan - Beatboxer

Vincent Bantasan: Beatboxer

Your mind will be blown when you hear the beatboxing talents of Vincent Bantasan (aka EVMB). This guy can perform incredible renditions of nearly any sound using nothing but his vocals.

When I decided to produce this video series, I put an ad on Craigslist seeking people with interesting talents and skills. I ran that ad for about a year an a half, and recieved thousands of responses.

Vincent responded to my ad with a grainy video of a talent show performance he'd done several years prior, and although the video quality was terrible, I could see that I was talking to somebody with real talent. I responded to his email enthusiastically, and after 2 solid days of filming, we created a much better video to showcase his skills.


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