Interesting People: A Web-Series by Xack Fischer

Zak Crag: Recreational Sign Spinner

Zak Crag: Recreational Sign Spinner

This first video features Zak Crag, a person who I met on the street while he was sign-spinning for fun.

This is the video that started this entire series. I was out and about, filming a video for another project when this dude approached me. He had been spinning his sign on the corner, and as he approached I noticed that his sign didn't have any company logo or brand name -- rather, it had his name plastered on the side of it.

I began interviewing the guy on camera, and asked him some questions about his unusual hobby. Later, when I got home, I edited the footage into a short video that ended up being the first of this series.

In terms of production value and audio quality, this is easily the weakest video of the set (it's also the shortest in length) -- but it sparked the idea for this series and it holds a special place in my heart for that.


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